replace your amalgam fillings

A dental filling is one of the most common and well-known types of restorations

Amalgam Fillings in Nagpur

Amalgam is a blend of metals used to fill cavities in the mouth. Also known as ‘silver fillings’, amalgam fillings are comprised of silver, copper, mercury, and tin. The majority of Indians have dental fillings – most of whom have at least one amalgam. Many prefer amalgam fillings in India because it is the most affordable and long-lasting filling material available today. In fact, amalgam fillings are less likely to fall out or break than other filling materials.

Did you know…
that amalgam has been the filling material of choice for millions of dental patients over the past 150 years? It remains a commonly used filling material today, with the Food and Drug Administration ruling it safe for dental patients age 6 and up. Amalgam can be placed in a single visit and is made to be self-sealing – resisting the development of further decay.