Root canal treatment

Specialized procedure to treat painful tooth to relieve pain and save tooth

Root Canal Treatment in Manish Nagar

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We all have heard about people getting root canal treatment. But what exactly is a root canal treatment? Let us get to know about it.

A root canal treatment, as the name implies, is a treatment of your root canal. Our tooth has 2 portions : the crown and the root. The root canal contains the nerve of the tooth, the pulp. Any infection that has invaded the tooth pulp requires a root canal treatment.

What happens in a root canal treatment?

In a root canal treatment, the tooth pulp is removed from the canals of the tooth root by means of instrumentation. Once that is done, the canal is then sealed by a biocompatible radiopaque material. Then later on an artificial crown is prepared and put on the existing tooth crown.

Is it necessary to get an artificial crown after a root canal treatment?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to get the crown done as early as possible after completing the root canal treatment.
The root canal treatment takes out the tooth pulp which is the source of vitality for the tooth. Once it is removed, the tooth becomes very brittle. So it is important to get a crown as soon as the root canal treatment is completed so that the tooth gets a firm support and does not break down.

How long does a root canal treatment last?

A root canal treatment will last you a lifetime if you maintain it properly. After a root canal treatment, it is important to floss your teeth regularly and maintain proper oral hygiene. Once the treatment is over, our dentist will let you know the maintenance for the same.

How much is the cost for a root canal treatment in Somalwada?

Root canal treatment in Somalwada will cost you anything around 5k to 15 k depending on the condition of your teeth and the material used for the procedure.

Is root canal treatment a successful procedure?

Root canal treatment is now the most successful and widespread procedure in modern dentistry. It is the only procedure by which a tooth that earlier would have been extracted can now be saved.

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