Root canal treatment

Specialized procedure to treat painful tooth to relieve pain and save tooth

root canal treatment in besa

Root Canal Treatment in Manish Nagar

World carries a misconception about root canal treatment because they are considering it one of the most dreaded dental procedures without knowing the facts. This misconception has led to hatred for this procedure. But know that if performed in a proper way like the root canal treatment in Somalwada by the expert dental surgeons, it is as simple as other dental procedures.

Root canal treatment–after all, why the necessity?

You may approach our dental specialist and complain about the toothache. Our oral surgeon at Somalwada will tell you that your tooth requires a root canal treatment. Consider this good news and trust our dental surgeons because this will provide you with complete freedom from pain.

Our dental surgeon will provide root canal treatment in Besa for the complete elimination of the bacterial infection in the interior of the tooth. Another purpose of this procedure is to hamper future infections by risk minimization.

Our dental expert in Besa will perform the root canal treatment on your tooth in different stages. The goal is to lower the infection level at each stage.

The three portions of the tooth are:

  • Enamel or the hard outer layer of the toot
  • Dentine or the layer below the enamel
  • Pulp or the nerve and blood supply in the interior or middle of the tooth

RCT in Somalwada–completely for your benefit

If your broken or decayed tooth does not receive treatment at the expected time, this leads to an entry opportunity for the bacteria in the root canal leading to the nerve infection. If the nerve infection exceeds more than a certain limit, this will lead to an abscess in the interior of the mouth.

The time of RCT at Somalwada Clinic

Our dental surgeon at Besa will suggest the RCT of your tooth if the bacterial infection has impacted the pulp that comprises the nerve as well as the blood supply of the tooth.

We do it in two steps:

  • By tooth extraction or removal
  • Performing the root canal treatment to save the tooth

General signs of RCT

  • Formation of the abscess or the secretion of pus from the gums adjacent to the infected tooth
  • Acute soreness as well as pain in the specific tooth
  • Difficulty in chewing or eating using the impacted tooth
  • Sensitivity to foods having extreme temperatures
  • Abrupt and unexpected pain

RCT procedure-how it happens at Somalwada Clinic?

Stage 1-Extirpation

Our dental specialist will place a rubber dam as well as a clamp. The initial clean-up process of the root canal is done with the help of small files for removing the nerve and controlling the infection as well as the medication for the tooth. The period of the procedure ranges from 20 to 45 minutes based on tooth complexity.

Stage 2-Instrumentation

After placing the rubber dam as well as a clamp, our dental surgeon will do a detailed cleaning of the root canal. This is to ensure bacterial removal and freedom from toothache. The period is 30 to 60 minutes based on tooth complexity.

Stage 3-Obturation

After placement of the rubber dam as well as a clamp, our oral surgeon at Somalwada clinic will perform obturation after the tooth becomes pain-free. The dental specialist will fill the root canals with a material called gutta-percha and seal them for accomplishing RCT. The procedure will take 30 to 60 minutes based on tooth complexity.

For the root canal treatment in Somalwada, you can call or mail to fix an appointment.