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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Manish Nagar

Wisdom tooth removal is considered as one of the toughest procedures in dentistry. Since it is the last erupting tooth in the dental arch, it is hard to access it so removing it is considered difficult. But you need not worry when you are looking for a wisdom tooth removal in Manish nagar. We, at Salankar dental care and implant centre, have specialized doctors for every treatment so as to provide our patients with the best dental care.

Let us know in details about wisdom tooth removal.

Why is everyone so scared when they hear about a wisdom tooth removal?

Our fear arises either from our own past experience or by hearing someone else’s experience regarding a procedure. Earlier when dentistry was not much developed, some instruments used to remove a wisdom tooth were a little traumatic. But with the recent developments in dentistry, wisdom tooth removal is a cakewalk.

Why is a wisdom tooth removal more difficult?

The wisdom tooth is the last erupted tooth in the dental arch. While eruption, it sometimes doesn’t get enough space and thus gets stuck within the bone itself. This in turn leads to a chronic infection known as pericoronitis.

Once such a condition develops, it is always advisable to get the tooth extracted because otherwise it might even affect the adjacent teeth as well!

What makes its removal difficult is its access and its attachment to the underlying bone. Unlike the other teeth, a wisdom tooth is not completely visible and requires extra instrumentation for the same.

Is a wisdom tooth removal painful?

Wisdom tooth removal is a minor surgical procedure. But it is not painful since the whole procedure is done under anesthesia. Depending on the condition of the tooth, our dentist will decide whether the procedure will be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

The pain from any surgical procedure mostly develops due to post operative complications. To avoid that, we make sure to maintain a proper sterilized environment while operating. So, for a painless wisdom tooth removal in Somalwada, you can visit us at Salankar dental care and implant centre.

What is the procedure for a wisdom tooth removal?

Once you visit our clinic with a painful wisdom tooth, the first thing we do is take an x-ray of the same to recognize the issue and then plan the surgery accordingly.

The patient is first given anesthesia and then the procedure is started. It requires a small cut over the gingiva and sometimes even a little bit of bone debridement is done if needed. Then by means of instrumentation the tooth is removed and sutures are given to cover up the cut ends.
After the week the patient is recalled to get the sutures removed.

How long does it take to remove a wisdom tooth?

The time taken for the procedure depends on the condition of the tooth. On an average it takes 30 mins for a wisdom tooth removal.

What is cost for a wisdom tooth removal in Manish nagar?
A wisdom tooth removal in manish nagar at our clinic will cost you anything around 5k to 25 k depending on the condition of your tooth and the mode of anesthesia required for the procedure.

How soon can you resume your work schedule after a wisdom tooth removal?

You can resume your daily activities within a day after the procedure.

If you have a wisdom tooth that is paining, without any further delay visit us at Salankar dental care and implant centre. You never know when a single tooth can even affect the adjacent teeth as well. For any further queries you can book an appointment with us or visit us directly.