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Getting a professional cleaning done twice a year is essential for fully removing any buildup.

Teeth Cleaning Cost in Manish Nagar

You must have heard people saying that they have been advised to get teeth cleaning procedures. Whenever we suggest our patients for teeth cleaning, the very first thing they do is search for teeth whitening cost in Manish Nagar or teeth cleaning cost in Somalwada. But have you wondered that even after brushing regularly, why is a professional teeth cleaning needed? So, let us get to that in detail.

Why does someone need teeth cleaning?

There are instances when an individual suffers from gum bleeding or bad breath or recession in the gums, in that case, teeth cleaning is needed.

What makes the gums bleed?

Our teeth accumulate plaque from the food we eat. This plaque is the home for all sorts of oral bacteria. They grow on these and later form stains and calculus over them. These in turn result in infection of the gums causing them to bleed. Once formed, it can not be removed by simple brushing. You will need to visit a dentist and go for a professional teeth cleaning procedure.

What happens in the teeth cleaning procedure?

Teeth cleaning is known as ultrasonic scaling or oral prophylaxis. In this procedure, a particular instrument, the ultrasonic scaler, is used to remove all the stains and calculus from your teeth and gums. If you are looking for teeth cleaning in Manish Nagar or Somalwada, we at Salankar dental clinic and implant center, are available for it.

How long does it take to get teeth cleaned?

The teeth cleaning procedure can take one or two appointments depending upon the condition of the teeth and the grade of stain and calculus present.

Is teeth cleaning a painful procedure?

No, teeth cleaning is not at all a painful procedure. but, since the ultrasonic scaler works by vibration, you might feel a little sensitivity during the procedure.

What is the cost of teeth cleaning?

The cost of teeth cleaning varies from clinic to clinic and patient to patient. At Salankar dental clinic and implant center we offer our services at very reasonable rates for ultrasonic scaling. If you are looking for a dental clinic where you can get quality treatment at affordable rates, then Salankar dental care and implant center is the place for you.

Clean teeth and gums not just look good but also boosts our self-confidence to a large extent! When we know that we have got rid of the bad breath that was troubling us, we naturally become more confident in front of people. Visit us at Salankar Dental without worrying about teeth whitening costs to get the best treatment at an affordable price. Book an appointment today!