Same day ceramic restorations

This technology helps by eliminating the need for multiple consecutive dental visits, temporary crowns, and messy dental impressions

Fixed Teeth in Day Manish Nagar

You must have heard about getting fixed teeth in a day! Isn’t it very surprising? How can you get a fixed teeth within a day! Yes, it is now possible to get a fixed tooth within a day in Manish nagar at Salankar dental care and implant centre.

Now, let us know more in details about getting fixed teeth in a day.

What is the procedure to get fixed teeth within a day?

The procedure to get fixed tooth in a day, requires a very minor surgical procedure. The surgery, in general, does not have any post-operative complications. A small cut is made on the gingiva at the position of the missing tooth. We then place an implant through that cut and attach a crown to it. It then gets attached to the surrounding bones and tissues eventually.

It is a fixed prosthesis and will look and function same as your natural tooth. You visit us with a lost tooth and return home with a replaced one!

Is the procedure painful?

It requires a minor surgery but it is not painful. The whole procedure is done under local anaesthesia so you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

We, at Salankar dental care and implant centre maintain a proper sterilised environment to avoid any kind of pain and post operative complications for our patients.

Is it a better procedure as compared to the other conventional methods?

Yes, this procedure has a lot of advantages over the conventional tooth replacement methods. The most important one being, it is a fixed prosthesis and does not require any extra care for its maintenance. Just maintaining a normal oral hygiene will be enough for it. Moreover, it just takes you one single appointment to get it done. So, it is both time efficient as well as a permanent cure for your problem.

How much does a same day dental crown cost?

It will cost you around 20-40 k to get a same day dental crown at Somalwada.

Is it a successful procedure?

The reason behind the popularity of getting a same day dental crown is its success rate. It is a highly successful procedure.

Is it possible to fix all teeth in a day?

It is possible to get a full arch of teeth in a single day. With the latest technical developments, it is now possible to replace an entire set of teeth in a single day by temporary replacements until the permanent customised ones are made.

So, if you are having missing teeth and want an immediate replacement for the same, without any further delay, visit us at Salankar dental care and implant centre for same day dental crown in Manish nagar.